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Tetra Pond De-Icer Review 

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Name: TetraPond Pond De-icer, Thermostatically Controlled
Website: PetsWarehouse.com/
Price: $46.85
Owners: Tetra Pond
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

TetraPond Pond De-Icer, Product Overview

The TetraPond Deicer is designed to fix the problem of fish being trapped under a pond that’s frozen solid. A de-icer has the task of melting a hole in the ice to let gases escape that fish create naturally and it lets oxygen in. Fish need oxygen in the water to survive.

One Amazon purchaser who reviewed made the comment that it was “surprisingly effective”. 

You could do the old trick of putting a bucket of boiling hot water on your ice, but you have to keep going out into the bitter cold to put more hot water on. Do you like getting out in sub-zero temperatures? I sure don’t.

A de-icer fixes this problem by taking you out of this task completely. The TetraPond brand de-icer has made a lot of pond owners happy and their fish as well. They also designed this product to look like natural stone. It’ll blend into your pond beautifully.

It seems like an awesome tool for keeping your fish safe, right? 

Why Get The TetraPond De-Icer?

This is a good item to buy if you like a more discreet device unlike the clunky metal-looking devices that other de-icers are. It blends in well and no visitors or relatives will notice it.

This outperforms some other de-icer models available on the market and it doesn’t put out as much electricity either. You’re saving energy costs while preserving your delicate fish. Not bad.

It is a good de-icer that saves you the hassle of manually carrying out a bucket full of hot water all the time. No one I have heard from likes doing things this way. It is a hassle. It sucks. No one enjoys doing that unless they’re masochists. 

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Natural Stone Finish That Blends With Your Environment
  • Keeps A Nice Hole In The Ice For Gases To Escape
  • Thermostatically Controlled Shutoff

The Bad:

  • The Electric Cord Isn’t The Longest

Who is the TetraPond De-Icer For?

This product is best to be used in ponds of 300 gallons or more. You can avoid it if your pond is smaller than that. There are plenty of de-icers on the market for these smaller garden ponds.

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People who want a de-icer that doesn’t take up a lot of space would like this product. It is easily camouflaged against your pond to blend in like it’s not even there. This feature sets it apart from other de-icer products and brands.

The price of this is good for the budget-conscious. You’ll enjoy the roughly $47.00 price point which is a competitive price as compared to some of these other de-icer products on the market. We don’t want to go broke buying something pricy that has other similar competitor products that are just as good but much cheaper. That wouldn’t make sense, would it?

In my honest opinion, this de-icer seems as reliable as the K & H Pond De-Icer but not as high-powered. It gets the job done though. I think it lives up to its claim well as being a winter survival solution for fish. The majority of Amazon shoppers agree too.

Tetra Pond De-Icer Features

One of the unique features that sticks in my mind about this gadget apart is its design. The trouble they took designing the natural stone look is appealing to the purist. Most other de-icer machines stick out like a sore thumb. It looks cool.

While it’s not the most powerful device of its kind at 300W it appears to operate smoothly. You only need a 1-foot hole in diameter to be melted for gases to depart and allow oxygen back into the water. This is what a pond deicer is supposed to do and TetraPonds machine does this just fine.

The 15-foot cord isn’t too long so you might need an extension cord to be able to reach your outlet. Danners brand de-icer, for one, has an 18-foot cord. So, the cord length is one factor that you might want to consider in your decision. This particular model has one of the shortest electric cords out there.

TetraPond did win in popularity on Amazon by being an Amazons Choice. I believe this is due to a combination of the deal of a price and the aesthetics of the design that blends easily into the environment.

Another neat thing about this product is energy efficiency. The de-icer device has a thermostat control that cuts power when the temperature gets high enough. According to the company, this gizmo is effective in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees F (-28.8 degrees C).

Does The TetraPond De-Icer Float? Yep, it sure does. In fact, it has to be floating to work. It isn’t a submersible product. 

What if your pond is already frozen over? Then you have to get a hole melted using some other technique first. Take a bucket, boil some water to put in it, and set the bucket on the ice in the place where you want the de-icer to go. You can’t just throw the de-icer on top of your frozen pond and expect it to work. This is the same as just starting the de-icing gadget fully in the air and you’ll likely burn up your devices motor or melt the housing. They get hot quickly in the air.

Is the thermostat adjustable? No, there isn’t a way to change the temp like in a heater. Where it is set it stays. 

TetraPond Pond De-Icer Support

If you bought it on Amazon the company seems to be very active if there are problems with their products. TetraPonds sales team gives dissatisfied customers their service e-mail or other contact information if the customers leave them any sort of contact details.

So, they seem to have decent service on Amazon itself. This isn’t always the case with Amazon vendors. Sometimes it’s better to go directly to the manufacturers site instead. I don’t know from experience about contacting the manufacturers myself, but they do seem hard at work keeping in touch with their consumers on Amazons site.

TetraPond Pond De-Icer Price

How much is it worth to keep your pet fish safe? You don’t want your pet koi fish to suffocate from gas buildup and no oxygen under a solid sheet of ice. You could melt the hole in the ice manually. Many people do this, but how much would it be worth to you to automate this task?

With the TetraPond winter survival solution you could be in your house sipping hot cocoa instead. You could be watching out the window of your house at the ice melting doohickey keeping a large hole thawed out allowing your fish to breathe again.

 I don’t think $50 would be too much to pay for this efficient and simple-to-use machine. Heck, I don’t think $100 would be too much which is what some de-icers cost. $46.85 is a good deal in my book. It’s even cheaper if you have Amazon Prime.

My Final Opinion of the TetraPond Pond De-Icer

On the whole picture, this seems like a good product that performs very well. I think the task that it does of consistently melting a nice hole in the ice is very important to your fishs safety. It seems to stand up to pretty frigid conditions.

The idea of creating a de-icer that looks like a rock was a really slick idea. This is a way to keep your pond looking natural instead of having any other type of deicing device taking away from the scenery. Props to whoever came up with this sleek rock design.

It isn’t as powerful as some other de-icers, but it doesn’t have to be in order to be effective. Keep in mind that de-icers are only meant to keep a small hole in the ice open for the gas build-up to subside. It isn’t meant to warm your whole pond as some people think. 

The bottom line- this is a good product to consider for frigid winters.

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TetraPond Pond De-Icer at a Glance…

Name: Petswarehouse.com
Website: Petswarehouse.com
Owners: TetraPond
Price: $46.85
Overall Scam Rank: 85 out of 100


TetraPond Pond De-icer, Thermostatically Controlled






Value For Money



  • Natural Stone Finish That Blends With Your Environment
  • Keeps A Nice Hole In The Ice For Gases To Escape
  • Thermostatically Controlled Shutoff


  • The Electric Cord Isn’t The Longest

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