Pondmaster Pond De-Icer

Pondmaster Pond De-Icer PicName: Pondmaster Floating Pond De-Icer
Website: Amazon.com
Price: $56.25
Owners: Danner Eugene
Overall Rank: 96 out of 100

Who is the Pondmaster 120-Watt Pond De-Icer For?

Many pond owners would love the Pondmaster Pond De-icer come wintertime. The Pondmaster De-Icer machine is for anyone who lives in environments where winter temperatures cause a lot of icing on their koi or fish ponds. Anyone who appreciates low energy costs will like that this de-icer uses only 120 watts to operate.

Want to keep your fish safe along with saving on electricity costs? This de-icer model may solve that problem.

If you are a fish pond owner then you hopefully know the dangers of gas build-up in a frozen pond. You’ll be happy to know that this product can solve that conundrum. Put it in the water, plug it in, and you’ll have a nice hole to allow oxygen back in and withdraw the gases.

Make sure you have it in the water before you start it. If you just have a solid sheet of ice, then melt your hole first using the water bucket method. Take a bucket and fill it with hot water, boiling hot is best. Set that bucket on the ice to melt it away. This will leave you with a watery hole to now set your de-icer in. 

The Pondmaster De-Icer: What Makes It Hot?

De-icers help out all pond life in the wintertime- not just koi and other fish. Frogs have the ability to hibernate under the water too. Aquatic turtles will dig into the mud and nestle under the pond surface. They all need oxygen though. 

What if that oxygen supply gets cut off because of Ole Man Winter?

All de-icers, in general, solve this scrape that winter gets pond-dwelling critters in. 

The Pondmaster is useful for ponds that are 2000 gallons or less in volume. Most backyard ponds fit this size requirement. It it’s larger then you need to look elsewhere.

Another cool thing is that while it is working it doesn’t have a lot of energy output. The machine only uses 120 watts of power. Compared to most if not all other de-icers this is the lowest powered one while still being effective. It uses slightly more power than a 100-watt lightbulb. 

For best results with a de-icer, it is best not to rely solely on it for keeping ice at bay. It is best to also have a pond aerator or some other device moving the pond water around like a bubbler, fountain, waterfall, or other similar feature.

An aerator keeps water in motion. Water in motion doesn’t freeze as easily. A de-icer, by comparison, just keeps a hole melted in a certain spot. It isn’t supposed to keep the whole pond melted like some people newer to pond-keeping think it’s supposed to.

Where Is the Pondmaster Floating 120 Watt De-Icer Best Used?

In my opinion, the Pondmaster is best used in any climate that has heavy ice formations on fish ponds from time to time. When a koi pond freezes over your fish could suffocate or be poisoned from gas buildup.

A deicer solves this problem anywhere a frozen fish pond exists. This model has very favorable Amazon reviews. This means some people who have bought it on Amazon and used it felt it was worth their time to go onto Amazon and leave their praises for it.

It has an 18-foot cord which is longer than some. Some other de-icers have 15-foot cords so this gives you a little more reach for getting to an outlet. If your pond is further out it is fine to get an extension cord that can be purchased separately.

Any area where winterizing your koi pond is necessary will need this de-icer or another model as part of their winterizing process. The benefit of the Pondmaster is lower electric costs and some purchasers have been happier with the performance of this one over ones such as Aquascapes.

Why To Get The Pondmaster Floating Pond De-icer? 

Koi and other pond animals need one of these gadgets working their homes over in order to survive the harsh winter freezes. A backyard garden pond is a water feature that is closed off from other water sources. The fish can’t simply escape to another section if another area freezes over like they could if they were in a natural river or stream.

They’re stuck there. They are helpless without their owner intervening in the situation.

This means you have the sole responsibility, as their owner, to see to it that they are taken care of. You don’t want to have your pond thaw out in the Spring only to find your precious fish have perished from the harsh winter.


  • Low wattage makes for a light electric bill
  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • Long electric cord
  • Keeps a hole melted in the ice of your pond


  • Won’t work in ponds of over 2000 gallons

How To Use The Pondmaster Floating De-Icer?

All de-icers need to be in the water before applying power to them. They are not designed to be started on an ice surface or in the air. Make sure to have some water by doing something like the water bucket method discussed earlier. Starting it in the air may damage the motor or melt the housing around the device. They get hot fast. Beware!

Just put the gadget in the water, plug it in, and power it up. You should see a hole a few inches to a foot around your machine before too long.

Final Thoughts

The best de-icer is one that keeps working at least a few winters. Adding an aerator into the mix can prolong the life of your Pondmaster de-icer device by not making it work as hard. Pondmaster also makes a good air pump to serve as an aerator. 

One thing that makes this de-icer model pretty neat is the money you save in energy costs. The device is thermostatic controlled to shut off at 35 degrees. This is great as it won’t run when conditions improve.

It is made of high-impact ABS plastic for durability. It’s considered safe for liners. It’s also safe for use around fish, plants, and other pond-dwelling animals. My opinion is this de-icer is a good product for keeping that hole to let the gases out of your iced-over water feature.

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Pondmaster Floating Pond De-Icer at a Glance…

Name: Pondmaster Floating Pond De-Icer
Website: www.Amazon.com
Owners: Danner Eugene
Price: $56.25
Overall Scam Rank: 96 out of 100


Pondmaster 120-Watt Pond De-Icer






Value For Money



  • Low wattage makes for a light electric bill
  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • Keeps a hole melted in the ice of your pond


  • Won't work in ponds of over 2000 gallons

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  1. I’m going to let my Dad know about this, because he’s got a fish pond in his backyard that has frozen up on more than one occasion. I never even dreamed there was something like this in existence or I would’ve told him already. It’s a pretty fair price, too. There’s really no reason not to get it and I might just purchase one for him and take it when I go up there next month. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hey Mark

      It isn’t always imperative to get one of these if the pond gets ice-capped just for a couple of days. Ice is still able to be penetrated with oxygen and gas can escape. It’s just slower about it. Fish also go almost completely inactive and aren’t using up oxygen as much either. Three straight days of a solid frozen pond might be a problem though and a method to get a hole in the ice is necessary. The deicer can definitely be a life-saver in this situation. I hope you enjoy your visit at your dads.

  2. What a nice product that you’re promoting there. I have never seen or heard of pond master deicer before but since I’ve been reading your post about this product, I felt like I’ve learnt something new. I find this post is interesting, informative and helpful for anyone who is interested in getting themselves a pond master. Thank you for showing us this. 

  3. Hello there! Thanks a lot for this wonderful article… this is a really good device for 59$. Imagine spending 59$ to get this wonderful device that allows you let out gas from Iced water, wow, I’m definitely getting this. Seeing that it is also safe for use around fish, plants, and other pond-dwelling animals makes me really happy. Thanks a lot, for bringing this to my notice

    • Hey there

      Do you go by Phil or Philebur? Anyway thanks for stopping by and reading my Pondmaster De-icer review. I don’t think it’s that expensive either for the work it cuts out of the equation. I’m glad to see you can appreciate the job this thing does. Thanks for reading

  4. Heloo,

    A big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and amazing article on pond master pond de icer. The pond de icer is really good with a many fascinating and beautiful features. It perform  a very great functions, and like you earlier Said in order to survive the harsh winter freezes the koi and other pond animals need one of these gadgets. 

    • Hey there Sheddy

      I appreciate you stopping by and reading my article. You’re right about this device being really life-changing if your a fish pond owner in the winter. If your pond only freezes over for a day you might not need it, but when things freeze outside it can last weeks where I’m from. That is a recipe for disaster if your fish are trapped under ice. 

      You used to have to go out and pour boiling water over an area of your 2 to 3x a day. Or use other manual means to melt the ice back. Some koi pond owners still do it this way and I say more power to them. This machine automates the ice-melting process so you don’t have to do that anymore. I’m glad you appreciate the genius of having one of these deicers. Thanks for reading


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