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Owning a koi pond is an awesome experience. The koi are splashing around with all of their vibrant colors shimmering in the sun. Really nice thought, right? Another pleasant feature you could install to take it over-the-top would be a koi pond waterfall that could send water down into your pond with a relaxing splash.

People love waterfalls and I’ll bet if you had one your neighbors would envy you. I know I really like to travel to see them. A pond waterfalls appeal isn’t just limited to attractive looks though. It provides many benefits to the koi ponds environment itself. Did you know that?

I can say that people are generally waterfall fans because if you go onto Pinterest there are tonnes of photos of them in there. People wouldn’t be sharing photos of something they have absolutely no interest in. This leads me to think that a koi pond owner would also really enjoy having a waterfall streaming down to their attractive pond feature. So, let’s delve into interesting pond waterfalls and what makes them that way. Shall we continue?

A Koi Pond Waterfall Image

The Garden Pond Waterfalls Job?

A waterfall is very appealing to the eye. The sound of water falling and splashing decorates the background sound of many relaxation cd’s. They produce a very calming effect. Waterfalls actually produce a natural white noise that can whisk your troubles away. So one job that they have is to soothe you either up close and personal or just in Youtube meditation videos. 

A second job that a waterfall for a koi pond has is the splashing of the water actually infuses the pond with fresh oxygen. That is if we’re talking about the real thing and not the Youtube meditational version.  They can serve as a great water feature for your koi as another oxygen source. Koi have to take the oxygen from the water into their gills in order to breathe. Anything that gives them more oxygen is a welcome addition for them.

Installing a waterfall in your koi pond can become the main centerpiece in your yard whenever you have backyard BBQs and other neighborly functions such as family get-togethers. The neighbors will like your colorful, healthy koi who are splashing and swimming around excitedly. They are that healthy partly because of the extra oxygen produced by the fancy pants waterfall rippling the water below.

How Can a Pond Waterfall Benefit You and Your Koi?

Koi ponds are a relaxing thing to have in your back yard. Adding a waterfall can add to the relaxation you feel. It’s a good addition to your pond to help you wind down. 

Eye-candy. Koi ponds and waterfalls go together like peanut butter and jelly. They compliment one another. It’s an addition that make your koi feel more at home in a more natural environment. It also helps to make your fellow humanoid creatures take notice. So as well as the health benefits, a backyard waterfall adds aesthetic appeal to your landscape.

A good choice for healthy koi. I have already covered the way that it infuses your pond water with more oxygen than if your pond didn’t have one, but I’ll say it again-waterfalls are good for koi because of its oxygenating properties.

It helps promote sleep. If you hear a cascade of water flowing and gently splashing down into a body of water then you know the serene feeling and relaxation you feel because of it. Now envision that same thing happening right outside your bedroom. You’ll be snoozing fast and wake up in the morning refreshed-ready to take on the day. This can happen if your waterfall is installed close to your sleeping quarters.

Putting a Waterfall Up in a Great Spot

Waterfalls are meant to be seen, so I would put it up in an area where it is seen by people passing by. This is up to you-the builder-though. Just sit by your koi pond and try to visualize where your waterfall would be most visually appealing.

Man Thinking About the Location of His Koi Pond Waterfall Image

Another great bit of advice is to position your waterfall where you can see it from your home. Can you see it from your bedroom? Can you hear it? Imagine the serenity of hearing a waterfall gently splashing down while tucking in for the night. That should put you to slumberland pretty quickly-don’t you think?

These are just some things to consider when you plan your koi pond waterfalls location. There are many articles out there that show you other planning factors for distinguishing your waterfalls location around your koi pond. I hope I gave you a little insight as well.

Why Would a Waterfall Promote Extra Oxygen for Your Koi?

Waterfalls constantly agitate the water. Without the waterfall, you would need something else to constantly stir up the water such as a pond skimmer. You need a pond skimmer too as an FYI if you don’t know. That will be covered in a future post.

Water that stays still is not producing oxygen, promoting extra algae production, and giving a foothold to bacteria and other nasty vermin that can adversely affect your koi fish’s health. Water that doesn’t move eventually becomes stagnant. Stagnant water is a good breeding ground for mosquitos too. Gross!

Moving water allows oxygen to get into the water and dissolve properly. Water that stays still blocks oxygen out. In a still pond, you will see koi frantically going to the surface to breathe and they can, and probably will eventually suffocate if the water stays this way. A waterfall would at least partially solve this problem by the constant splashing it makes. A skimmer along with a waterfall feature would make a perfect team for solving this absent oxygen conundrum.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? I hope I have infused you with inspiration hopefully as to the benefits of having a koi ponds waterfall feature. We briefly discussed the health benefits for your koi carp and for people too. 

On the wellness spectrum of it, you hopefully know that waterfalls can add extra fresh air into the water so your koi pets can breathe easier. They can give you that well-rested feeling from the soothing splashing sounds that they can produce. 

On the visuals spectrum, you already know that everybody likes the sight of waterfalls. Niagara Falls is actually known as the Honeymoon Capital of the World. They look better than just a bare lawn at least, not that there’s anything wrong with that either of course. A waterfall would just be a handsome addition that adds great character to your backyard.


Image by Peter H from Pixabay

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  1. I am a very Good fan of ponds and pond waterfall is one of favourite structures……and as we all know it one the best environment for koi’s as there is better supply of oxygen for the koi’s 

    Setting up a koi pond waterfall is very good but it could be tasking as space management and also location of the pond would be one of the major issues…..thanks anyway for sharing this awesome article I learnt a lot and I know it would help others.



    • Hey David

      How are you? Koi ponds are magnificent and having a waterfall splashing down is just another great addition to add on. Space is very limited for some people if they even have it at all. So, for those that do have the bonus of having their own space to construct a fantastic waterfall should count their blessings-shouldn’t they?

      I hope you find the location for your very own koi pond one day. Thanks for reading.

  2. You wrote about Koi Pond Waterfall very interestingly.For which the content of your writing is very well exposed.This kind of waterfall is very useful to calm your mind.It is wonderful to see the deserts all around, with water falling on the rocks and the color fish playing. As soon as I have time, the koi pond waterfall will turn around and calm my mind.Finally thank you many for sharing with us a wonderful article.

    • The pleasures all mine. A waterfall is a calming fixture that can help you relax. You can just sit beside it, do Yoga, meditate, and it will enhance any of these activities greatly. I’m glad you enjoyed the read.

  3. Your article brought back many wondefrul memories when I was young.My grandfather had built a koipond on the back patio for my grandmother. He also added a waterfall to it. He had it positioned to where it could be seen from the bedroom window. Plus on the porch he added additional seating around the pond. After he add the waterfall my grandmother put in some flowers near the top of the falls,it is beautiful. Where would be the best place to find material if I were to build one?

    • Hi there

      I’ll bet that was fun being around a koi pond at such a young age. If I were to begin a koi pond building project I would start out sourcing materials online. This would give you an idea of the best price to compare and contrast. Home improvement sites like Lowes, Life and Home, and Home Depot are good candidates. Amazon is another great place to find pond pumps, liners, skimmers, and other neccessities. 

  4. What a refreshing article! 

    Dropping by here just made me realized what has been lacking in my newly built house. I am naturally a nature lover as I grew up in a rural area and ever since I started working and living in the city with my family, I seldom see any sea, river, trees and water falls anymore. 

    This article/site indeed is a great reminder for everyone like me (who has been living in the city and always away from nature) about the awesome benefits of having a koi pond with waterfall at home.

    Thanks a lot! Keep it up!

    • Glad you liked it

      It’s always nice talking with another nature lover. A koi pond waterfall would be difficult to build in the city. I’m glad that I’m in the countryside. Since you have your own home that makes it easier though. I hope you build one of these someday on your property.

  5. I almost built one in my backyard a few years ago. I did my research and everything and I even went to a local garden center to further get ideas. What stopped me was the cost. The motors and the rubber tarp at the bottom are quite pricey. Plus i’m in Canada and winters here can be brutal. I don’t know if fish can survive the extreme cold. Or maybe they should be brought indoors. Anyway, I agree with your post. Koi ponds can be a great addition to a home, plus it’s therapeutic.


    • Hey Sonny

      How are things going? The project of starting a pond in your backyard does carry a significant cost. It is an investment of time and money, but the payoff in the end is a calming and serene pond you can retreat to any time you want.

      As far as weathering the cold, koi are actually quite robust. In the Wintertime, koi are hibernators and the thing you do with your pond is make sure to keep a hole in your pond to make sure oxygen is still getting into the water. Koi will just sleep until the weather is warmer. 

      Temperatures in the 60s to lower 80s are still the ideal koi-keeping temperatures. If it gets colder, you will find a pond heater to be very helpful. Koi are a very hardy fish and could probably endure your Winters just fine.

  6. That’s good to know because bringing in all the Koi indoors in the winter and taking them back out in the spring can be quite a chore.



    • Hey Sonny,
      Yes, I guess it could be. I honestly never did that. I’m happy to be providing you a better solution. With a deicer, you can be assured that your koi are at least getting oxygen in the cold months by keeping a constant hole melted in the ice. Reading the article you now know why oxygen is a very important so having features like air pumps, fountains, waterfalls and other means of breaking up the water give your koi life-giving oxygen. Hope you enjoyed the read.


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