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Koi Pond Info
Photo by luiisrtz from Pexels

Hey there. Welcome to the Koi Pond Info blog. This site will be chock-full of tips and reviews of products to keep your koi pond looking its best. You can find tips such as:

What the Heck is a Koi Pond?

A koi pond is a pond used to keep the koi carp and other fish. Koi are colorful versions of the Amur Carp family and have been around for centuries. They are beautiful fish with many bright, vibrant colors. Installing koi ponds are a way to give character to a yard or garden area and you’ll probably find that koi-keeping is a fun hobby as well.

Location, Location, Location

Where can you set a koi pond up?  Putting a koi pond beneath a tree is ideal so that there is part of the pond shaded by a tree and the other part in full sun. You need to make sure it’s a large-leafed tree and not one with tiny foliage like a pine tree. This is because even with net pine needles will get in your pond and the filter will have to work hard to clean the needles out.

Identifying Koi Carp

We will also tell about the koi carp inhabiting our pond. There are many different, nifty types of koi according to their color pattern. There are:

  • Kohaku
  • Taisho Sanke
  • Showa
  • Utsuri Mono
  • Bekko
  • Asagi
  • Shusui
  • and Koromo to name a few!

The ones mentioned above are the most popular ones for koi shows.  The more serious koi hobbyists transport their koi fish around to shows and some of these are worth a cool penny if they have superb anatomy and a flawless color pattern. 

Who knows, you might end up with a prize-winning koi someday worth a fortune. This website will help you get there if that is your intention, but it doesn’t have to be. Most koi pond owners just want a relaxing pond full of pretty koi to come home to. 

Pets Help with Stress. Koi ponds are a great place to retreat to after a long workday. Koi are entertaining to watch and are known to follow you around if you walk around their pond. As well as being entertaining, pets, in general, are a great way to relieve stress.

According to the Animal Health Foundation, studies have proven that pet ownership actually reduces Cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone activated by elevated stress. That reduction in Cortisol alone should help you in your un-winding.

You’ll Get Exercise. Koi pond upkeep does require work. I’m not going to sell you a lemon here. You have to clean your pond of algae , ensure your pond filters are working, and check up on your fish for signs of illness-such as swimming oddly. You might even say this work is sometimes stressful.  All of the tasks you have to do get you moving, though. They get your blood pumping. Movement is life they say. 

The Pond Is Never Complete. You will find all kinds of ideas for sprucing up your koi pond to make it yours on this site. Adding new animals, features,  statues, and new koi into the mix makes it a never-ending work of art. Get your creative juices flowing.

A Sign Of Good Luck. Koi got its start in Japan. In Japanese culture, the koi carp was a symbol of luck and good fortune. In the wild, koi swim upstream no matter what the conditions are. For this reason, they also represent perseverance in the face of adversity. 

Koi-shaped Balloons
Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev from Pexels

Koi is a Low Maintenance Pet. With a cat or dog, you have to scoop up their poop, deal with household damages they cause, have them underfoot all the time(if you accidentally step on them their outburst will just about give you a heart attack), and other misgivings. I have both. I love them, but they can be pains at times.

Person Cleaning a Cat Litter Box

Koi, on the other hand, stay outside year-round and don’t require a cat box. Koi carp have their disadvantages too but the freedom from scooping poop is a winner in my book. How about you?

Are You Interested In Property Value? Then you’ll like the fact that your real estate value might bump up with koi ponds too. It depends on who’s buying. For example, are they a nature lover or city-slicker? Some real estate agents will tell you that the addition of a koi pond ups the “marketability” of a home. Someone online (who owns a pond building business and has an agenda of making sales)said all real estate agents feel this way but I think the opinions are varied on this though.

If you have to move you’ll likely not recoup the entire cost of what you spent on it. I’m just letting you know. Read this article on the site Next Day Koi for more info on this. 

Not a Noisy Nuisance. Besides splashing, koi don’t make a lot of noise. They won’t wake you up howling at the moon or getting into catfights. The koi splashing isn’t that loud and is even relaxing. That relaxing splashing sound could put you to sleep right now I betcha.

So, there are a lot of benefits of having these fishy friends in your back yard. The health benefits of pet ownership are well-founded. Pets appreciate your presence and koi seem to love you unconditionally. They are really pleasing to the eye. There is a reason why they are so popular. Did you know that some of them can be trained to eat out of your hand? That’s a neat trick to try with the neighbors.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy browsing on this site and find it informative and easy to use. I like to keep things simple as is possible. You can visit my socials for other cool updates and other nifty bits of insight I offer. I will also be doing product reviews and have a shop for your convenience. Thank you for visiting Koi Pond Info.