Koi Medic Salt Meter

Hi everyone, on today’s agenda we will be reviewing the Koi Medic Salt Meter. The healthy range of salinity for a pond is from 0.1%-0.25%. A tool made by Trans Instruments and is used to measure the salinity level of ponds. Is it a good meter to shell out the money for? Let’s see.

Product: KoiMedic Salt Meter
Company: Trans Instruments
Available on: many locations, including Amazon
Price: $90

Trans Instruments Koi Medic Salt Meter is a meter to measure the salinity of pond water. But does it work?

According to Japanese Koi Supplies and More, they say they don’t only sell this meter on their site, but they use it themselves in their shop and during service calls. Since it is a tool that is good enough for the pros, then why shouldn’t it be fine for you as well?

What Is The koi medic salinity meter

This meter is an electronic test that is designed to measure the salt accumulation in ponds. Salt density is an important factor to consider when you’re concerned about your koi and other fish’s health.

Koi Medic Salt Meter

It is an extremely accurate product that can get a reading within 0.01% to 1% of accuracy. It seems really reliable at helping you determine the salinity level of fish hospital tanks, garden ponds, and other water features you may have.

It is from a company named Trans Instruments. They are a manufacturing facility based out of Singapore and have a high-quality rating. They have achieved getting the International Standards ISO 9001 status in the manufacturing process and its facilities.

On Amazon, they have the pleasure of getting a 61% 5-star rating on Amazon.

Who Can Benefit From the Koi Medic Meter?. 

The meter is very simple to operate. Like the old commercial goes “So easy a caveman can do it” and no extreme amount of bells and whistles. 

Do you like accuracy? Then you will like how accurate the reading is on this meter. The koi will certainly appreciate you getting a salt percentage so close to the actual amount.

If you want to know the salt content of your water feature then you need a salt meter for the easiest solution. As a bonus, it has an auto-off feature that allows you to preserve the battery. You don’t want to try to turn the salt meter back on the next time and find out the batteries out of juice.

To get down to the nitty-gritty, this meter is all you need to measure the salt density in your pond.

Makes A Koi Pond Owners Job A Little Easier

Making measuring your ponds salinity easy makes it one less responsibility seem like a task. You already have to clean your pond of muck, feed your fish, and do routine maintenance tasks to keep your pet koi carp at their optimum health. This makes your task of helping your water quality excellent a breeze.

Salt Composition is an Important Factor

If you haven’t heard of the process of osmosis I’ll give you a rundown of it. According to dictionary.com, osmosis is a process by which molecules of a solvent tend to travel through a semipermeable membrane from a more dilute solution to a less diluted one, thus equalizing the concentrations on either side of the membrane.

Measure The Salt Content With A Salt Meter

What the heck does this have to do with salinity? Well, fish carry a higher concentration of salt in their tissues than the surrounding water. This is compensated by transferring water into the fishes tissues to bring the koi’s salinity level down. Adding salt to the water when the salt level is low will make the fish use less effort to expel this overload of water.

Why Do You Need This Meter?

If you are not aware, too much salt in your pond water is bad for fish and plant life. Salt is important for many reasons. It keeps algae from overgrowing to the point of damaging the ecosystem. Salt has the effect of detoxifying nitrites. It also eliminates pests and most kinds of parasites. Salt concentrations of between .3% and .5% dehydrate parasites cells and kill them.

It has brain-dead simple instructions and you don’t need to be a koi pond guru to figure out how to get it to work. The koi medic salinity meter prides itself on its effectiveness and accuracy

Where Can I Find This Salt Meter for Myself?

Many places sell this meter. One of the best places is the Amazon store. I always like Amazon because they give plenty of reviews, are deemed trustworthy, and offer plenty of product specs to give you all the details you need before you click the buy button.

Location: Cascade Pond Supply
                 678 Sable Drive, 
                 Roseburg, Oregon
Phone:  541-784-7102

This company started with the purpose of creating a simple, quick and affordable pond shopping experience. You can visit them online or in person. Going to their office will get you expert advice on things you might need and they might tell you whether you need it or if it might be a waste of money.

They do seem legit. I haven’t ever dealt with them or the one below so do your own research to decide whether to buy from them or not.

Location: Bothell, WA
                     98012, US
Phone:     844-752-9485
E-mail:    Sales@PlayItKoi.com

This is a highly touted company with the ratings. They have a rating of 4.9/5 stars by 947 reviews. I like their motto which is:

“We turn pond dreams into reality”

Their personal mission is to make sure each and every last customer is completely happy and gets as much enjoyment out of their outdoor water gardens as they do. 

Overall, I would think they are a good shop to purchase from

When Do You Need The Koi Medic Salt Meter?

If the salt density in water is too high or low there are negative effects that can be concerning. If salt is too low then your goldfish and koi or other fish will start to dehydrate. Salinity affects a fish’s internal salt concentration. The healthy salinity level for a fish is around 1% or 10 parts-per-one-thousand, which is higher than the water around it.

As discussed earlier, the role of osmosis kicks in and attempts to equalize and the fish starts taking in too much H2O. The salt isn’t helping it retain that water though so it will start to dehydrate. Having a digital salt meter like this will keep this from happening.

How To Use The Meter?

Very simple

 1)Turn it on

2) Dip It Into Your Pond

3) You’re done. It will display the percentage of salt concentration in just 2 seconds.

If your salt density is too high gradually replace out the water with fresh and check with your meter on an hourly basis until desired reading is met.

The Lowdown


  • Ideal for monitoring the salt content fish hospital tanks as well as ponds
  • Accurate within 0.01% to 1%
  • Monitors salt level which can affect the koi, other fish, environment, and plant life
  • Easy to use


  • Calibration solution doesn’t come with product (must buy separately)
  • Might not work right out of the box. Some have reported having to soak it in tap water to get the desired 0.00 base reading.

Final Thoughts

The salinity level is one of the factors that can affect your pet fish’s health. You need a way to keep it in check. The KoiMedic Salinity Meter is one such way that is easy and effective. Protect your fish from salt excessiveness or deficiencies.

Altogether, this seems like a legit product and one I would be happy to have. It’s the ease of usage that is a definite plus when I have other tasks that need to be done I could put my mind toward. The raving reviews overall mean that there were plenty of other happy users. If you think that this meter is right for you you can go to Amazon to buy. Come back here and let me know what you thought of it. 

Affiliate Disclosure:

When you click on links from koipondinfo.com and buy something from this website, I may receive an affiliate commission. These are my opinions and are not representative of the companies that create these products. My reviews are based on my personal own experience and research. I never recommend poor-quality products or create false reviews to make sales. It is my intention to explain products so you can make an informed decision on which ones suit your needs best. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full Disclosure.

Koi Medic Salt Meter






Value For Money



  • Ideal for monitoring the salt content fish hospital tanks as well as ponds
  • Accurate within 0.01% to 1%
  • Monitors salt level which can affect the koi, other fish, environment, and plant life


  • Calibration solution doesn’t come with product (must be bought separately)
  • Might not work right out of the box. Some have reported having to soak it in tap water to get the desired 0.00 base reading.

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  1. I don’t know much about Koi ponds and their maintenance, but I do know that people that have them…..LOVE THEM! 
    I work for the water treatment plant where I live, so I do know how important good water is for whatever purpose you are using it for.
    In Koi ponds, checking your salt level, seems like a completely necessary task.  Your Koi Medic Salt Meter seems like a great must have. The price point seems very reasonable and the fact that it is easy to use is fantastic.

    Great tip about running it under water first to start off with.  I really enjoyed reading your post, it was full of information. Thank you

    • Hey there Coralie

      You keeping safe? I want to say thanks for the response. Koi pond owners rarely regret the decision they made. There is a few things you have to do to maintain it, but they think it’s worth it. Checking the salinity level is easy as pie with the Koi Medic Salt Meter and is fairly priced in my opinion.

      I am glad you liked learning about this salt meter and that you found my post information-packed.

  2. I know that Koi ponds provide not only great aesthetics to a yard but are really relaxing to the soul.  I am currently looking at how we can put a Koi pond in our backyard and this is one of the tools that seems indispensable in keeping the fish healthy.  The fish are a big expense and as a newbie I need all the tools available to make sure this is a great experience.  Look forward to learning more about how to do this right.

    • Hey Robert

      Thanks for stopping by. I agree that koi ponds are good for rejuvenating the soul. Koi are very peaceful and I enjoy watching them splash around. I consider them expensive but worth every penny. I recommend tools on here that get the job done so you can do more of what you want (relaxing by the pond) and less of what you don’t wan’t(maintenance). I hope to hear of your koi pond building adventure someday 🙂

  3. Hmm, once the koi medic salt meter has determined that your pond is too saline, what should you do? How can you reduce the salt level? Also, will the meter tell you if the salt level is too high or too low as well, or will it only display the number, meaning you’ll have to research on your own if that level of salt is good or bad?

    • Hey Faheem

      I hope your doing ok. I am sorry that I didn’t include that information in the article and will correct it, so thanks. The acceptable range of salinity is 0.1% to 0.25%. If higher, gradually change out with new freshwater checking your salinity on the hour. I appreciate your thoughts.

  4. Thank you for explaining in simple words why salt is important for our pond but also how too much salt can be negative. So, there is need of a balance. This Koi Medic Salt meter is affordable and I like it can be conveniently purchased at Amazon. I’m a Prime member so I can have it here quickly.

    I’m grateful for this comprehensive review. 

    • Hi Abel

      Yep, Amazon is a great place to go to get one of these meters. Just remember to soak it in water before actually using it. Many Amazon customers made it clear to do that. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are doing well.

  5. The fact that i have come to learn something tangible from this post is satisfying. The make of your website is nice and the simplicity of the color selection makes it beautiful. it is great to have such devices that can test the level of salt. i wonder about something though. will it work with very hot temperature?


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