Koi Holding Tanks for Sale

Finding some sturdy koi holding tanks for sale on the market can be a chore. There are plenty of reasons to get this specific chore done though. These tanks have many purposes.

Koi holding tanks can serve as your quarantine tanks. A quarantine tank is where you put your fish if it comes down with a contagious disease like fin rot or dropsy. You can put them in the tank if they have parasites such as ich.

The reason for choosing this type of tank is because koi are large as adults and can’t fit your normal everyday fish tank. You need something large and sturdy to hold up to the koi carp you own.

Koi fry or fish that are only around six inches can be treated in your regular tank from Petco. If this is your situation, then ignore this post. You can get away with holding young koi in about anything.

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What Goes Into a Quarantine Tank?

Just in case you want to know. The quarantine tank for koi consists of:

  • a tank of some sort large enough to contain koi

  • A good filter

  • Water at the right pH level, best water temperature, and a proper salinity level

  • A good aerator, which is a device that breaks up the water and maximizes the oxygen level in the water

Why Use These Tanks for Your Shows?

They can be put up quickly in around ten minutes. You get to spend more time getting your fish ready. You can depend on them to keep your koi safely contained.

Koi tanks provide a comfy temporary home for your koi that they don’t seem to mind. Of course, they prefer the pond. The natural habitat is their preference, but they seem happy enough in these too.

Online shopping provides plenty of koi show tanks on sale that you can read real reviews on and this helps you make a good purchase.

Sellers offering koi holding tanks on sale: Where to Look?

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Amazon has koi fish holding tanks that look high-quality. One to steer clear of could be the one sold by Mickeys Koi because of the customer complaints.

It’s cheap at $99.99, but they sometimes collapse and kill your fish too. This is the horrific review left by an angry Amazon customer.

One of the Bad Koi Holding Tanks for Sale

Why buy it when Rubbermaid has a 100 gallon one at about the same price point! It also has a much higher rating on Amazon with many happy users. Check out the Rubbermaid Stock Tank available on Amazon Prime.

Show Koi, a company out of the UK, offers very sturdy koi tanks too. Their website is https://www.showkoi.co.uk/ and their email is sales@showkoi.co.uk. They have a variety of different sized circular koi tanks to check out.

Underwater Warehouse, a US-based company in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, has an assortment of shapes and sizes in koi tanks. They have a lot of the things you’ll need to keep your koi healthy besides tanks too.

The drawback to this company is that they only ship to residents in the US. So, if you’re on the other side of the pond, then try Show Koi instead.

Call them at 215-244-4300

Email: sales@underwaterwarehouse.com

Perhaps your koi fish has caught a bacterial infection and it needs to be quarantined. The bacteria causing the problem in one fish can spread to others. You don’t want this, right?

Your koi might also be a new addition. This requires waiting a few weeks and keeping it separate from the rest of the flock. If you don’t see any signs of illness in a couple of weeks, then you are safe to move them to your pond.

People in the show circuit know the value of koi fish holding tanks. They need something portable, sturdy, and easy to set up on the fly to get their attractive koi in the spotlight. These tanks fit the bill for their needs.

The Many Uses Of Koi Holding Tanks?

A koi holding tank is an important component in a quarantine tank. These are tanks for holding sick koi and function as a fish hospital. Koi show participants bring them along with them to koi shows to show their koi off.

People in the koi hobby use them for many things like:

  • Holding new fish for a couple of weeks to check for signs of disease

  • Holding sick koi in quarantine

  • Holding injured koi for recovery
  • Show off tanks for their best koi in the show circuit

Quarantine Injured Koi in a koi holding tank

Who would want a koi holding tank?

Koi are a valuable fish. They are members of your family. Many people depend on these tanks for attending koi shows.

If you plan to do this one day, then these tanks are one way to display your fish.

These are the two scenarios where you want to start trying to hunt down sellers of koi holding tanks.

Koi fish get sick just like we do. Standard koi seem more likely to get sick than butterfly koi. The holding tank is large enough to hold koi in to give them the swimming room they need.

If your koi comes down with a bacterial infection, then you will need to get them separate from the other healthy fish to keep the disease from spreading. Just in case.

Koi fish holding tanks are the solution to this predicament. I hope you don’t have to use them, but they come in handy whenever you need them. Sick fish need to be taken out of the general population


  • Getting a holding tank for koi could save their life in case of quarantine

  • Makes a nice, makeshift home for koi in koi shows

  • Are generally easy to set up

  • Have a bottom drain to get the water out quickly when done being used


  • You’ll want to steer clear of the more flimsy ones as they sometimes collapse during extended periods of use

  • Some dealers only work with certain countries: Like the dealer above who only ships to U.S. residents

Feeding Koi in a Koi Holding Tanks

A Recap

In my personal opinion, looking around to find koi holding tanks on sale is a good idea if you want to embrace your koi fanfare. You can benefit from having them whether you just see yourself as a hobbyist or a serious businessman.

The time to quarantine your fish will be something that needs to be done right then. You won’t want to wait for UPS delivery when your koi is sick right now. It’s better to be proactive.

Show your koi of in style and have people think you are a professional at raising high-quality koi by presenting them right. A koi holding tank is a universal way that most koi enthusiasts exhibit their koi fish.

Do you have a different way to show your koi to the masses or to quarantine them? I would like to hear some cool ideas from fellow koi fanatics. I look forward to your reply.

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  1. My mum loves the koi fish and she loves fisheries too of course so I’m thinking of setting her up real good since she has retired. I’m sure it’s going to be more of a hobby for her. So I was thinking of which tank to get and I didn’t know that there was a tank made specifically for these kinds of fishes. You have written really well. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hey Riley

      Thank you for your thought. Many people prefer to just stick to a hobby over getting into the business side. I think it’s awesome you are considering setting up your mom with a koi pond. Thanks for the good vibes.

      These tanks aren’t just for koi. If you have other types of fish that get sick, then you can also use it for them too. Just read reviews on the product if they are available. Hearing from others experience is always a good thing, don’t you agree. Thanks for reading. 

  2. This is quite good and thank you so much for sharing such an informative post here. To be honest, I really fancy this post out here and thank you for sharing out here. I really like the offer of having a koi holding tank as they can help a lot in helping our koi fish to survive and also to serve as a temporary home away from home for them. Thanks

    • I’m glad you liked it. I’m a firm believer in prepared ahead of time. I believe that you should prepare for the worst but expect the best. Hope that your koi will stay well and happy, but have a backup plan when they are not. 

      They will definitely be beneficial for treating your fish with parasites, bacterial infections, and illnesses. I hope you never have to use a holding tanks for this purpose

      If you are into koi exhibits they are popular for that too for reasons described above. I hope you are getting the most use out of koi holding tanks for that kind of use. That’s definitely a better scenario than being koi doctor, don’t you think?

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Koi fishes are one of my favorite, I so much love them.

    koi holding tanks are just the best I know to Carry out a quarantine on koi fishes. I basically prefer them because they are generally easy to set up, it doesn’t take much time and I so much like the idea of the bottom drain to get water out quickly. They are very reliable and proficient.

    • Koi can quickly become a favorite pet for anybody who gives them a chance. I really believe that. They’re easy-going attitude and gentleness make them a true gem. Their attractive appearance, especially in the full sun, will make you happy about your decision to get one.

      I agree that holding tanks are very reliable and proficient for a temporary place to hold your koi. The bottom drains are great as they allow easy draining, Blue is my favorite color anyway, so that part’s a bonus. I really like them and I’m glad you do too.

      Have a nice day.

  4. I get that getting such a tank may sound an easy things to do and that’s why there are some low quality ones out there. We should always pay attention to other people’s reviews in order to determine of their quality is good enough. I can definitely feel the anger of the person that wrote that review about his lost Koi fishes. I wouldn’t like to be in his position. Obviously many are using low quality tanks but I would prefer to buy one of proven quality.

    • Hey Stratos

      That review was blistering. I would be so mad if that happened to me too.  You could actually feel the emotion coming off of that page. Companies that make crap, forgive my crassness, will get it to all come back on them. 

      That’s why I include Amazon reviews in my posts often. I tell people when I think one product is better over another. I give suggestions to steer them toward things that work and away from a disastrous product. 

      I’m glad you look closer to see if somethings quality or crap. Thanks for reading


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