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In your time you have no doubt heard of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. Better Homes and Gardens DIY Magazine has been around for a long time. This magazine helps them that are interested in keeping their home spruced up.Better Homes & Gardens DIY Magazine- A Readers Rev

Even though it isn’t a magazine specifically targeted to koi pond owners it has a lot of do-it-yourself advice for making your whole living area better. Unfortunately, no magazine that I can think of is precisely for koi pond ownership. It won’t discuss what type of koi you want or keeping your koi pond maintained.


Koi pond owners like to keep the garden area attractive around their water feature. Better Homes and Gardens Magazine helps out with that giving fresh ideas every month on gardening. It covers a gamut of home-related topics as well.

You might find inspiration during the Coronavirus staying at home blues. Many people especially like the recipes and gardening tips that Home and Garden have. 

The company that makes the magazine has branched out to make its own products too. Their fragranced candles have an especially large fanhood. They make furniture and other items for around the home as well.

How Can Koi Pond Owners Benefit From BH&G Magazine?

There is a plethora of information on gardening tips in the pages of this magazine. Maybe you want to start a vegetable garden alongside your pond, or you want to identify plants that are weeds so you can “weed” them out. 

You take pleasure in seeing your properties appearance improve or you wouldn’t have put in a koi pond in the first place? BG&H magazine tips and tricks will get you inspired to do projects around your outside space you might not have thought of. Maybe it will just instill some confidence in you that you can do it.

The fact that this magazine is still around when many publications have come and gone attests to its usefulness. The internet has rendered many magazines obsolete. Mad Magazine was the latest one I heard of that was abolished. That one really about brought tears to my eyes. I loved Mad! Spy vs. Spy was the best.

The point is that Better Homes magazine must be really helpful to homeowners in general or it would have left a long time ago. 

Some magazines on interior design, home improvement, and other home-related topics focus on ideas that are over the top and too grandiose for the layperson. 300,000 to million-dollar renovations aren’t things I’m interested in. How about you?

There are some grand ideas like this in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but there are also easy, affordable things anyone can do too if you pull up your sleeves. This publication inspires you to get it done.

What Inspires Better Homes and Gardens Magazine?

What really lights the company’s fire? They seem to want to inspire a good home life and a healthy lifestyle in their customers. Advice for new parents and dealing with those issues in the best way is an unadvertised bit of information sometimes covered.

Better Homes and Gardens has been a nice point of reference that you might go back to later if you remember an article you read a long time ago and now have a similar problem. Here is a list of some of the things covered:

  • Family Matters
  • Interior Design
  • Cooking
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Gardening
  • Crafts

The readability of the magazine is an easy one to digest. You could use it when you go to the doctor to fill time. Read it around the house or while watching your tv and not worry too much if you’re absorbing the info. They are designed to be a nice point of reference with eye-catching imagery.

Better Homes and Gardens DIY Magazine -planting tips image

Are You a Visual Learner?

The photography is really good in this magazine. No matter the subject, BG&H puts a huge emphasis on the visual part just like any other self-respecting printed magazine would. I’m a visual learner myself so this is good for me.

One reviewer of the magazine said BH&G offers “Solid accessible home projects that are not as tragically pretentious as some other titles owned by the same company”. I like this as I watch some shows on the DIY network that takes pretentiousness to the extreme too. Like, this couple is looking for a house and has a budget of just $3 million. The seller is then like “where can we ever find a house around here that costs that little

Facts About Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

This magazine is actually the fourth best-selling magazine in the US. Did you know that it wasn’t originally called Better Homes and Gardens?

The original name of the magazine was Fruit, Garden, and Home and was started in 1922. A man named Edwin Meredith founded it. For you history buffs out there his name might ring a bell because Edwin Meredith was previously the United States Secretary of Agriculture under Woodrow Wilson. Maybe you’re not I’m just telling you.

They are an American Icon often being referenced in many pop-culture references. These are some of the funny references from Wikipedia. They can take a joke.

  • Mad magazine did a satire of it called Bitter Homes and Gardens
  • In I Love Lucy, she referred to them as Better Homes and Garbage
  • In the Simpsons, there’s a shot of a magazine called “Better Homes Than Yours”
  • In the movie “Little House of Horrors”, the song Somewhere That’s Green is about finding a dream house that is a “picture out of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.

I like the Simpsons and Mad Magazine. Mad Magazine is now defunct, unfortunately. The fact that these iconic shows and magazines have cultural references to Better Homes speaks to its popularity.

The Good

  • Down to Earth Idea’s
  • Good for People Stuck In the House Anyway. Coronavirus is aweful.
  • Inspiring
  • Great recipes as well
  • Good Imagery to go with the articles.
  • It’s an easy read

The Bad

  • More ad-heavy than in the past. Magazines struggle to compete with the net
  • The more ads mean less awesome articles

The Takeaway

This magazine has been around for quite a while. This is because it has a loyal readership that enjoys what it has to offer. People enjoy the ideas that this magazine has for spiffing up their living spaces.

The gardening ideas about growing, pruning, and taking care of different plants would add more appeal to your water garden. Fresh ideas inspire the readers with ideas they probably wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Plenty of life hacks are found in the pages.

Readers appear to really like the recipes section. Whenever I’m reading reviews on the magazine I see references to the cooking and recipe section as the main reason why they have the subscription.

If you’re interested in trying this magazine your self, then I have included a link to join which is through which is a magazine subscription service. Check it out below.

Did you enjoy my review? Have you got your own thoughts on Better Homes And Gardens Magazine that you would like to share? Please leave your thoughts below or at my contact page. Thanks for reading.

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine




Down To Earth Ideas





  • Down to Earth Idea’s
  • Inspiring
  • Good Imagery to go with the articles.


  • More ad-heavy than in the past. Magazines struggle to compete with the net
  • More ads mean less articles

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