10 Koi Pond Supplies That Don’t Suck

Getting the right supplies from the start to make your koi pond function right is a must. The correct koi pond supplies will ensure your koi are in a safe haven for themselves. You don’t have to go find the most expensive toys as the cheaper products will often suffice.

What They Don’t Tell You When Starting a Koi Pond!

So, someone talked you into starting a koi pond, but did they inform you about the up-keep required? It’s not that much, but it’s a little work. You need to ensure proper aeration, maintain a good pH level, and keep your water clean.

There are devices that perform these functions that will come with the pond keeping territory. You can’t just dig a hole, add water, and add koi. It doesn’t work that way. It can be simpler than you think though with the right supplies. So what do you need?

Koi Pond Supplies That Are Like The New Black!

Pond Pump– A good pond pump can recirculate the water constantly to keep it from becoming stagnant. This movement also adds oxygen to the water which is vital to the health of koi and plants. Fish require oxygen from the water to breathe.

Pond Filter– You also need to keep it clean and serene with a pond filter. Pond filters take the water in, trap the gunk, and shoot the water back out clean as a whistle. Filters will remove things such as algae, debris, and dirt from the water. Another cool thing that it does is add more beneficial bacteria if it’s a more mature filter and not a brand new one.

Fountain– A fountain is another thing you can add-in. Some of these are floatable or you can have one installed. Water fountains are another way to put more oxygen into the water as the pump does.

Plants– Your koi like to have a lot of dissolved oxygen available to them. This keeps them healthy. Floating plants will offer this in abundance. They also provide a nice shade for fish during the summer months. Also, if you want your koi to breed, then the plants can provide a surface for the females to plant their eggs during the breeding season.

Fish Food -Koi gotta eat! Right? In a pond that’s isolated from the rest of the natural world, there needs to be a food source brought to your koi. There are some really tasty options for when your koi get the munchies. Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance is a really popular brand that koi lovers like.

pH Test Strips -You need to sometimes check your pond water for the right pH balance. It can be either too acidic or too alkaline. The only way I know of to check this is to use special test strips designed precisely for this task. You might need to lower your koi ponds pH or raise it. 7 to 7.9 is a good range.

Algae Remover -Some algae are beneficial to koi. They like to eat it and it’s a good oxygenator for your pond when it’s lively and fresh. When it dies that is a different story. It wilts and decays causing bad bacteria to flourish within the water. You need to then get rid of it. Thankfully, you read this article on getting rid of pond algae and earlier bought an alga removing product such as Algaefix or another similar algae control product. Right?

A liner -A pond liner is installed before the pond actually becomes a pond. It serves as a barrier between the ground and your pond water to keep said ground from absorbing the water. Numerous sections of liner are often purchased together and are seamed together with special tapes, adhesives, or other methods. 

A fishnet –Not the ones you wear, but the ones that actually catch fish. You’ll need a way to fish your koi out in a gentle way if they show signs of disease and need to quarantined from the rest of the population for a bit. I would try to lure them by putting food in the net as they will probably resist if you just try to scoop them up.

Quarantine tank -I just mentioned quarantining koi and to do that you must have a quarantining tank set up. This is like a hospital for your fish complete with a filter for keeping the water clean, a powerhead for agitating the water, simplistic decor that keeps your koi feeling at home(but you’re able to take out and sterilize at a moment’s notice), and a heater. Just like a hospital this quarantine tank needs to be as sterile as possible to nurse the sick koi back to a healthy state.



Reasons You Need the Right Pond Gizmo’s

Koi ponds usually have a water source separate from others so it doesn’t have an endless stream of new water flowing into it. This means the water would be just sitting there and becoming stagnant if pond pumps and filters didn’t keep recirculating it. Your koi would not be able to stay alive and healthy in a pond that’s not properly aerated and filtered out.

Your koi pond would just be a pond if the right koi pond supplies didn’t exist. There would be just dead koi in an underwater grave. Very grim sounding, right? Don’t be a dead koi owner, we want them alive and swimmy.

Make sure your water is breathable because koi carp and other fish can suffocate just like we can. Pollutants in the water should be kept minimal and they should have a filter doing its filter thing.

Bottom Line

You will suck at koi pond keeping if you don’t have the right supplies. Try painting your wall with a hammer, or driving a nail with a paintbrush. The point is, you need the right supplies for maintaining a koi pond in order to make your pond a safe-haven for koi. Keep your water clean, aerated, and bacteria-free and your koi carp will stay happy-go-lucky.

Main Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “10 Koi Pond Supplies That Don’t Suck”

  1. I have often wanted to build a koi pond in my backyard and this is the first time someone took the time to describe the supplies I will need for a successful and healthy pond. I do have a couple of questions. Is there a size that is too large or too small? I am thinking between 15 to 20 feet in length and 7 to 10 feet in width, maybe rectangle or kidney shaped.

    What would be the recommended depth of the pond? I have a lot of surface space so I can adjust my desired size, but if it has to be deep it may determine how big it would be. I do not want the size to make it too much work. One other question. How do you adjust the pH up or down in the pond?

    • Hey There Robert, thanks for the questions. A koi pond can be too small as they are a large fish. For a start, the minimum depth of a koi pond needs to be 3 feet. 5 koi can be housed in about a 1,000 gallon pond. A 1000 gallon rectangle pond would be 6 foot by 8 foot. This would actually hold 1077 gallons.

      I’m not sure how big a kidney-shaped pond would need to be though. Sorry!

      Adjusting the pH levels of a pond can be done with a pond pH testing kit and household vinegar or baking soda depending on the circumstance. I have two articles that cover both circumstances though. Lowering the pond pH and raising a low pH for a pond are both covered in detail.

  2. Wow, I have a friend who wants to build a Koi pond at his house and he told me it is the easiest thing to do, but after reading your article I realize there are some tools, supplies, and precautions to take into consideration. I have sent the lint to your article to my friends so he better reads it.

    I found interesting this process especially the water circulation because air needs to become in at all times, just like a small fish tank you need to have some supplies but it a smaller scale.

    Thanks a lot for the info! my friend will appreciate it as well.

    • Thank you Christopher. Your friend needs to roll up his sleeves and get with it then. I hope his pond turns out awesome. He just needs to take into consideration the work involved not only in getting it built, but the upkeep as well. Best of luck to him, if he needs it that is.

  3. Koi fish, the pond, sounds pretty interesting. I do a little aquarium but this is something completely different. More seriously, more complex, it requires more knowledge of everything, including resources. The site handled this topic extremely well and above all, although I knew a little, I learned many practical things about planning, building, equipping and maintaining a pond with these fish.

    The author has taken care of beginners especially by giving them specific tips and even on how they can save money on construction.

    All the necessary prerequisites for enjoying the Koi Pond, 10 or more, are listed and explained. , several videos explain very nicely what and how to take care of all.

    Needs, pumps, filters, decorative fountains, plants going to those ponds, how to fight algae about acidity ie. pH factor is explained in detail, very understandable. Tables of values ​​have been provided and a specific explanation of how to maintain the required acidity in the pond and even its resources (bicarbonate of soda) has been given.

    The degree of dependence of pH factors in different seasons, in the shade or the sun, is also indicated. Wikipedia has also been consulted on oxygen movement and its water content. The process of acclimatization, as well as a quarantine for sick fish, is explained. Information was also given on the substrate, its composition and maintenance, and the importance of adding fresh water.

    The causes of the increase in pH are about:blank-blocked given, as well as the way to fight excess algae, as well as the effect of CO2 on the life in the pond, that is, its effect with H2O when is carbonic acid generated! The optimal temperature is given to the pond, which is very important for bacterial development.

    Goldfish farming opportunity! A guide to building a pond is also recommended. The Q&A section is well represented and we can learn a lot from its content.

    A content and a very professional topic, taken seriously and will surely attract a lot of fans fish farming. I find this site very educational and interesting.

    • Thank you for visiting my friend. I’m really happy that you enjoyed reading this article. Getting the right koi pond supplies fro the start saves you a lot of grunt work in the long run. It would probably save you money too. Appreciate the accolades


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